Tips on choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle


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Hey guys, I am back on my blog with some tips to choose the right road trip vehicle to let you zoom into the long weekends ahead in the year.

If you are a big fan of road trips then this article will definitely excite you. I being a full time blogger make sure to take out around 3-4 times in a year for personal and family road trips. Nothing better than putting getting out in the wild away from the city hustle and bustle for a few days.

Let's start with the tips that I consider for my personal road trips.

1. You need to start with considering the type of vehicle. For that you need to think whether you’d be comfortable in a sedan, a sports vehicle, a van, truck? I prefer a sport utility vehicle over any other.

2. After all the tickets and bookings are done, the first thing that springs to my mind is my clothes. Being a big fashion buff I make sure to carry huge luggage along with cameras, lenses and munching snacks, beverages and what not. And for all this I require vehicle with enough luggage space to manage all the stuff.

3. No compromises on comfort as you don't want a drive that steals away the thunder from your fun. Comfort on long drives is pretty much defined by large leg room space, adjustable back seats, easy to use seat belts and under thigh support. Of course having a low window panel makes it more pleasant too. 

4. The vehicle needs to be sturdy and steady, with a good road clearance to ensuring a smooth ride. Surface can be sometimes plain and sometimes rocky for such roads - a sports utility vehicle with big car body offers perfect off-roading capabilities. Choosing such sturdy vehicle can definitely improve your travelling experience. Moreover most of them come with large radial tyres which ensure great road grip and smooth ride.

This model is Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 4dr 4x2 Sport Utility. You may view the specifications of the vehicle posted above here.

For choosing right vehicle you can refer

Stay tuned till I see you in my next blog.

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  1. Totally agree to all the pointers shared above. is sure to help us pick the best vehicle as a travel buddy.

  2. For road trips, the first and foremost task is to choose the right vehicle. You have explained all the tips wonderfully, would take of everything while planning my next road trip.

  3. Really great tip! Will surely consider these tips while choosing for a car! is an amazing site

  4. good point. totally agree about not compromising on comfort. being able to compare is so helpful.

  5. luggage space is a very important factor to consider while buying the car!!!

  6. Great tips and yes no compromise on comfort specially for long journeys

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  7. Safety comes first when buying a new car, thanks for sharing such amazing tips.

  8. Great article giving info on the things that needs to be kept in mind before buying cars.

  9. Very useful tips for buying a new car. Indeed easies this procedure with all round assistance

  10. i never knew choosing the right car for a road trip can have so much behind it!!! very insightful! thanks a lot.