Hello peeps, hope you all are doing well. I was recently invited to the launch of John Jacobs premium eye wear store at Vega city mall, Bangalore.

They have an amazing collection of eyeglass and sun glasses designs, and it is inspired by iconic streets all around the world.

John Jacobs have the trendiest international designs at affordable and honest prices. Premium eye wear starting at Rs 4500 (including lenses). They have one exclusive offer running - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

The best part about the sunglasses is that they feel premium and give a soothing feel to the eye while protecting them from sun and dust at the same time.

Offer valid till stocks last.

This is a good time to grab a couple of sunglasses while the offer and stocks last as we all need as many as possible when the sun shines in the summer.

Leaving you all with some pictures of their new store and the launch event.

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