Hi fams! Dedicating this post to those looking out for a casual yet comfortable day out look. Your search for such an outfit ends here.

Last Sunday I had a day out wherein I had a list of things to do from shopping to long drive to catching up with friends at a coffee shop and then late night movie. I discovered being a day long affair I needed a  comfortable yet chic outfit that could meet all my needs. I chose to wear a bright cotton khakhi colored pair of trousers. Not to be missed is the elastic waist band that gives enough space for the tummy to satisfy the taste buds whole day long. Also, these trousers were light in weight and so comfortable. I got them from Amazon. 

Coupled them up with my favourite cold shoulder blue and white hearts printed top. The top is from Abercrombie.This was the perfect summer outfit for me flaunting the vibrant color combination.

I wore pastel wedges to subside the vibrant outfit colors and believe me I walked the whole day wearing them without any discomfort. Well, for such reasons only wedges are brought into picture - highest level of comfort yet stylish. The wedges are from Soulier Carte, London. 

The bag I chose was a jute one twining with my outfit sprinkled with hearts all over it. There is a cute pink flower detailing on the bag and I got this from a bag shop in Mauritius. And yes, I kept my hair untied because I just don't like tying them up when it comes to my comfort.

I took out some time to get myself clicked in between my schedule. Apologies for the picture quality not being very clear,  this was because of the absence of camera. All the pictures are clicked from my cell phone. If you like my pictures please leave a comment below. See you in next blog untill then stay stylish,  stay in swatitude! 💕

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