Wishing all you lovely peeps a very happy new year. Stay stylish, stay in swatitude! I am really looking forward to 2017 with loads of blogs and photo shoots coming up, and of course your support to accomplish it. Keep supporting as you already are, spread swatitude to the world and I promise to bring the best of my work to you all.

Starting off with the first blog of 2017. This winter season, I thought of nothing else but leather, leather and more leather. Of course we all wait for winters to show off our leather clothes and accessories. I tried to keep the look quite simple as you will see in the pictures below. Last year, I happened to visit London, one of my favorite destinations. Being a fashion city and me being a shopaholic, did lots of shopping from stores located at Oxford street, London.
The skirt, bikers jacket and boots that I am wearing in this blog I picked up from Primark, London. I just love the texture leather brings to a look and zippers on my jacket, skirt and shoes compliment each other for a mean metal look. I thought of giving a color to the look by wearing a bright blue colored plain t-shirt from Forever21. Finally kept my hair loose for the rough edge.
Apt look for zipping around on a bike! Please comment in the section below if you like my look. 
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