Hello lovely people, continuing with my London travel blog I will be sharing two looks here.

First look:
Wearing the first look I explored the magnetic Victorian architecture of the city. London fashion is more of wearing black, greys and whites. My personal favorite is black too so I chose this mini black H&M dress for the whole day traveling. I have a personal crush for chokers. I picked up a black lacy choker with a diamond detailing in the center to go with my dress. Instead of wearing full length stockings I chose to wear knee length H&M stockings and clubbed them with silver Primark metallic sport shoes. October is the start of winters so an overcoat is a must which could be avoided in afternoon times but definitely not in evenings. So you can see on and off of my overcoat as per the demand of the weather in the pictures below. I picked up Forever21 black leather sling formal bag which fits easily into my both the attires.

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Second look:
How could I miss posing by the Tower Bridge of London. I always wanted to visit it in full daylight and I got lucky too since it was not cloudy that day. Ripped jeans are one of my favorite comfortable attire. I chose to pair it up with a loose baggy fitted white top from LifeStyle and a shimmery black stole from Splash. Silver metallic shoes gave me a complete traveler look. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip in both the attires, hope you too enjoy watching them.

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